The unpaid housewife

Pegs on a line

Fuzzy head, heavy heart, sleep deprived, wired.. with a hint of passion, realisation and relief (phew!).

It's hard being born into a society that doesn't embrace certain ways of thinking, old-fashioned ways of thinking. My way of being. I'm a housewife and want to be one.

There's a saying that goes like this; "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Perhaps it's not about changing and trying to fit in by working a paid job while discrediting my true desire and identity. But embracing my different perspective on life. Only then can I be an inspiration to others who might share alternative ways of thinking. We need to follow our hearts, not what the majority might say is right and wrong.

For the last year or so I haven't worked, let me correct myself, I haven't earn't money for my work. Because truth be told, I have worked very hard at times with much dedication doing household duties.

People seem to accept the fact that I have a paid job a lot easier than when I have an unpaid one. Up until now - I did too! Things awesomely changed :) Now I'm moving towards being loud and proud about being a housewife! My husband encourages me to do whatever it is that makes me happy. His support is unending. Life-giving. What a star!

Shopping, cooking, preparing, organising, emailing, calling, washing, drying, cleaning, clearing, gardening... these are some of the duties I might do. As, you know. A housewife! I love riding to collect bananas from the next town. Affordable. Delicious. Putting our money towards a grower - who emanates friendly, generous and kind :) It's an adventure collecting local fruit - nature's bounty - wild passionfruit, coconuts and papayas, neighbourhood lemons, mandarins and starfruit! These ingredients make our breakfasts, coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut flour for smoothies, ice-cream, raw desserts.. and Thai dishes, Indian, pizza, pasta, soups.. and more!

Time consuming? Yes! Fulfilling? Absolutely! We actually live in a society now that treats gardening, composting, walking/cycling, hand washing, making your own products, making food from scratch as luxuries and hobbies! Rather than necessities, part of everyday working life.

So next time you approach someone who may or may not be getting paid for their work you might approach them differently.