Juice fasting tips

Green juices in 2 glass jars with straws on a wooden bench

Hi there! Thanks for coming to my page to find a little bit more about juice fasting. The tips I share here are based on what has worked well for me personally, what I discovered through research and personal experience. It's important to tailor everything I say to SUIT YOUR NEEDS!! Give me a hoy if you'd like advice or support.


Preparation is absolutely key. As the saying goes; “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Juicing, though amazing for the body, can be a challenge! Not only because you might get hungry, but because detox symptoms (can) arise leading to headaches, fatigue, digestive complaints, dizziness, nausea, weakness etc. On top of that, we often lead busy lives socially and work-wise, which isn't ideal for doing a juice fast! I would highly encourage you to choose a time in your day, week or year when you're able to rest, relax, go to bed if you need to, go for a walk etc.

Another part of preparation is gathering all the ingredients (and tools for that matter!) that you might need for a fast. A wonderful resource with shopping lists, juice recipes and more is https://www.rebootwithjoe.com/juicing/.

The author of this website did a 60 day juice fast. It is awesome! I would highly encourage you to watch it, your inspiration and motivation will hit a new level!! :) Go to the homepage of the site I just listed to watch the documentary for FREE! Don't you just love it when people share awesome things for free. I do! :P

At least one day prior...

Consume a vegan diet.

Meat, dairy and eggs are very heavy foods. These foods take much longer to digest and breakdown. Plant-based foods like apples, pears, banana, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber (haha you get the idea!) are all perfect to eat before fasting.

Take your time. There's nothing wrong with breaking into it gradually. Start by having a juice for breakfast! As in, just juice for brekkie, and perhaps morning-tea for one day!!! Go right up until lunch-time without consuming any food.


In our fast-paced world we have become SO out of touch with our bodies. A juice fast is a wonderful way to begin listening to your body. Sometimes we feel hungry but what we're actually craving for is satisfaction, love or something else that makes us feel really good about ourselves! Food can do this temporarily. To be absolutely honest with you, food has previously been a massive battleground for me. I turned to food again and again for comfort. When I was stressed out I would eat something sugary. When I was sad or hurt I would amplify these feelings by eating unhealthy stuff.. stuff that damaged my body :( :(. Understanding my true needs has been absolutely beautiful for me. Healing. Freeing. Humbling. It doesn't mean I still struggle, it means I'm aware and I have other means of comfort! :D

A simple cost-effective time-effective version

If fasting sounds all too difficult and all too time-consuming I have a solution for you! Opt for bottled cold-pressed juices (ideally organic). Easily found on your supermarket shelves! Wait for them to go on special if you have to (haha like me!). If you have excess pop them into the freezer for later!


Always add a significant portion of greens to your juices each day. Cucumber, celery, lettuce, parsley, kale, spinach, capsicum etc. Mix green apple or pineapple (or whatever you fancy) to off-set the bitterness of greens. Greens are super important for boosting nutrition, specifically your mineral intake and supporting detoxification. If you're not adding greens to your fresh juice (because you might be on bottled juice) please add a greens powder at least 2 teaspoons per day. Wheat grass, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina. During my recent fast, I was adding 1- 2 tablespoons of powdered greens to my juices each day.

Gut support

Here's where we talk about the good stuff. LOL. Your bowels!!! It's very important to use your bowels at least once a day during your juice fast. If that doesn't happen, I'd highly encourage you to do an enema! Perhaps something you've never heard of before. An enema is an effective way to flush your bowels. Otherwise, charcoal capsules (4 x with a glass of water) or bentonite clay. The idea here is to absorb any toxins ending up in your bowels. As I did not possess an enema kit, or charcoal/bentonite, I consumed powdered psyllium husks in between my juices. It's a natural herbal fibre that quickly turns water into gel!! It worked well for me. I used 1 - 2 teaspoons per big glass of water.

During your fast it's essential to support gut function. Most people refer to the liver when they talk about detox. However, your bowels undergo a large proportion of detoxification too! Take a strong quality probiotic 2 x day. I also took a gut healing powder (containing glutamine, licorice, aloe vera etc).

Breaking your fast

This part is just as important as doing your fast! The digestive system needs to slowly ease back into doing its job. Be kind to it, as you have been. Fasting is a wonderful way to give the digestive system a much deserved break!

Fresh or cooked fruit, steamed vegetables, lightly roasted vegetables, a salad or smoothie are all wonderful first day options. Feel free to start adding whole grains (preferably gluten-free), lentils and nuts on day two and beyond. Give yourself a break from animal foods for a while (that's my encouragement anyway!). You'll soon feel the positive difference!

Wanna know what I ate after my 7 day fast? Steamed apples and pears! My tummy felt so happy. Previously, I've been a big fan of raw fruit and vegetables. Smoothie style. Though I have to say, nowadays cooked fruit and vegetables sit much better with my digestive system. You? :)