Having a friend

Two daises on a rock with a love heart drawn

Driving into the rainforest yesterday I met a new friend for the very first time! A healthy vegan mum with 3 gorgeous children, living off the land. Their house surrounded by lush produce, animals and pure water! Oh my! It was inspiring :) It was special to say the least!

It's hard to know what to write when it comes to friendship. There's no right or wrong way of making a friend. At the moment I've been thinking about who I want to be friends with. Friends are people that I spend time with. People I talk to and open up to. We eat together and laugh together. Due to a difficult past I've found it incredibly hard to be myself around friends. It was only ever family I felt comfortable with. Slowly overtime my confidence is growing. Sharing my thoughts and feelings in a safe place plays a huge part in developing confidence! It's a good place to dwell. Contentment with self. Not wanting to change. Well, seeing the flaws yes, accepting them, and working on them but accepting self with flaws and all! Not wanting to be somebody else. Essentially having God's eyes to see, and loving what he sees, all of me.. Now that I enjoy who I am I want to affirm this further by surrounding myself with people who appreciate this person!

It seems odd to me that the choices we face, who we want to marry and who we want to be friends with are not given similar value. Guess I'm not sure about other cultures, I speak what I know to be true in the society I live in. Wonder why that is? I mean, true, a life-partner is usually a permanent everyday thing. But to a lesser, but no less important extent, so are the other close people in our lives.. our friends. There's a famous quote out there that states we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. So the people we spend hours and hours with help shape us into the people we become! Whoa! This is huge! I would love to do a survey and find out what all the common reasons are for developing and maintaining friendships. Do most of us choose our friendships? Or do they happen subconsciously?

From this point forward I want to be close friends with people who share a similar lifestyle to me. Who share similar values. The differences are always going to be there. They are normal and beneficial! However, for the most part, the big stuff I want to be the same. That's why I think yesterday was so good. Spending time with someone who values what I value. We enjoyed the same food and immediately connected on so many levels!

These are all my honest thoughts. Relevant to the second. It may seem strange to you that I'm talking about friendship when my website is about nutrition and health. True. However, I want my blogs to be real. I don't want to write about the benefits of dark green leafy vegetables and not mean it from the heart. Passion has to be there. I want to write about what life's presenting to me right.. now :) and today. That happens to be about friendship. Thank you for reading :)