Have you herd we should moove away from dairy?

Close up pic of a cow's face/nose

It's hard to write about another injustice topic, when injustice seems so common place in today's society. Abuse of the innocent is everywhere. I commend each and every person who chooses to stand up for the voiceless. My prayer is that we always stay sensitive to the cries for help. Never numb to injustice. Feeling the pain and the suffering of others.

The subject of dairy brings tears to my eyes, makes me form a fist, gives me a voice and a passion, fuels me to change my lifestyle. At the moment, cows and dairy milk pull on my heart strings the most. Giving me audacity to share my thoughts, speak up for the voiceless. Inform the ignorant.

Most dairy products today come from commercial farms. The end products; milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream, butter.. are by no means nutritional. By no means ethical. They are in fact, the result of cruelty and greed. Leading to poor health and a host of diseases.

Meet Mrs Cow. She is the reason we have dairy milk today. Mrs Cow makes milk, not the supermarket. I don't want to be removed from the source of our food any more! Why does Mrs Cow make dairy milk? Does she naturally make it all year round? Just like human beings, cows make milk to feed their babies. No baby calf - no milk. Sadly this fact has been horribly abused. Did you know a baby calf is torn away from its mother within 12 - 24 hours after birth and.. slaughtered, reared for pink veal or destined to the same fate as Mrs Cow.

Dairy calves are not valued as they don't grow at the same rate as beef calves and their meat quality is considered sub-standard by the beef industry. 

Mother cows, like most mammals have a strong maternal bond.

When calves are removed mother cows will frantically bellow for the offspring that they will never see again. Separated calves appear frightened and bewildered. Regardless of how this situation is handled this separation causes enormous stress for both the cow and calf.

New mothers are returned to the milking herd to maximise profits. The milk that nature destined for the calf is then processed for human consumption.


Dairy is not the answer to strong healthy bones and teeth. Plant-based foods are! Moove away from dairy!

Risks associated with dairy..

  • Protein overload
  • Calcium overload
  • Weak bones and increased bone fracture
  • Osteoporosis
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Decreased Vitamin D (active Vitamin D)
  • Lowered immunity

Uh oh. Dairy contains animal protein. Bad news. Animal protein increases the acid load on the body. The body doesn't want to be acidic. The blood must remain between a very narrow range of pH. How does the body compensate for this increased acidity? It releases alkaline-rich calcium into the blood to neutralise acidity. Calcium from where? The bones. Smart body huh.

Sadly the calcium contained in dairy milk is not used to neutralise the acid affects of the protein present in milk. People who follow the Atkins Diet (high protein, low carb) were found to excrete more than 50% more calcium in their urine after 6 months on the diet.

"We have had evidence for well over a hundred years that animal protein decreases bone health"

Americans consume more cow's milk and its products per person than most populations in the world. So Americans should have wonderfully strong bones, right? Unfortunately not. The countries that consume the highest amounts of dairy (including Australia and New Zealand) have the highest rates of hip fractures in the world. Hip fractures are a reliable indicator of osteoporosis.

A high Bone Mineral Density (BMD) increases the risk of osteoarthritis. A high BMD has been linked to a higher risk of breast cancer. Do you really want a high BMD?!?!? Do you remember that rat study I mentioned in my last article? The one about protein causing cancer 100% of the time? The protein used in the experiment was casein. Casein makes up 87% of cow's milk protein.

This one gets me. Did you know too much calcium upsets Vitamin D levels? Calcium from dairy foods and calcium supplements. Vitamin D is crucial for our immune system as well as our bones. Vitamin D reduces the risk of autoimmune disease. Active Vitamin D levels are depressed by consuming too much animal-protein AND too much calcium. In one study of ten countries, a higher consumption of calcium was associated with a higher-not-lower risk of bone fracture. Less not more calcium is the answer to bone health.

Children weaned too early and fed cow's milk have on average a 50 - 60% higher risk of Type 1 Diabetes. "..the depth and breadth of evidence now implicating cow's milk as a cause of Type 1 diabetes is overwhelming.."

Now that we know the recipe for healthy bones and immunity is not more dairy, more calcium. What is it?

  • A whole foods plant-based diet - completely meeting your calcium needs :)
  • Stay active!
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates like soft drink, white bread and lollies.
  • Keep salt intake low.
  • Sunshine

Mooving away from dairy not only makes your body happy it makes Mrs Cow and her mini cow happy :) If you continue to purchase dairy products please support farmers who nurture and care for their cows and calves.