Day 9 Juice Fast

Picture of top half of green fruit juice in glass with straw

Wow. It's been such a long time since my last article entry! 12 months in fact. And you know what? I'm totally ok with that. Life is full of seasons. It's been wonderful to have a big break from social media. Yes I know how amazing it can be for a young business. Any business really. Though for me and my business, the costs of spending ample amounts of time on social medial outweighed the benefits.. I needed space, my mind needed space.

Focusing on mindfulness, meditation and just being present in the moment, have been awwwwwwwwwwwwesome for me. I cannot explain to you how much better I feel inside. In my mind.

As life continues, I find myself focusing on my physical and spiritual wellbeing. I want to continue the healing journey that I started a little while ago. I remember thinking to myself, maybe 2 or 3 months ago, that I cannot, I do not want to go on a juice fast (again). I've done maybe 5 since my husband and I have been living here in Far North Queensland. My passion for them has all but dried up. Though...

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I watched a free documentary called Super Juice Me. Incredibly inspiring. Just the dose of motivation I needed to embark on another juice fast!

So here we are. Or, here I am! Day 9. This is the longest fast I've ever done so far. To date. The funny thing is, I have no idea how long I will go for. 14 or 15 days maybe??!

Juice fasting reduces inflammation dramatically. I love how my allergies just about disappear when fasting. The extra energy that I have, is channelled towards detoxification, healing and burning fat (digestion requires a huge amount of energy). Scientific evidence is slim (haha! do you like the pun?!), when it comes to juice fasting. A 2009 study published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, found that consumption of the equivalent of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in the form of purée and fruit juice concentrates in intervals over an 8 hour time period, increased dietary phytochemicals, micronutrients, and plasma antioxidant status.1

Another study involving twenty healthy adults, found that a 3-day juice-based diet altered intestinal flora associated with weight loss, increased nitric oxide (for blood vessel health), and decreased lipid oxidation (fat damage).2 This study refers to another study, which observed the changes in intestinal flora in participants who consumed a juice-based diet including a small amount of cereal, vegetable, fruit and herbal tea. After one week on the program, an increase in intestinal flora diversity was observed. Very cool! I love this part. " well as the abundance of Akkermansia and Bifidobacteria...". These bacterial strains are amazing for gut and immune health. Akkermansia does the following things in our body:

  • Breaks down mucus as well as produces more mucus
  • Produces short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and oligosaccharides
  • Stimulates host/microbial interaction,
  • Stimulates growth and metabolic activity of bacteria that colonise close to the mucus layer
  • Provides resistance to pathogenic (bad) bacteria
  • Keeps the mucus layer healthy.3

Love it! I seriously read through this stuff for pure enjoyment! Back to my journey...

Day 9. How do I feel? Amazing. More energy than preceding days. Increased physical strength. Sleep is good. My skin feels so smooth. Cellulite has reduced. My digestion is improving. I felt bloated and in pain the first 5 days. My glands have been up for a while, they seem to have gone down today.

My favourite things to juice at the moment  are lemon, lime, pink grapefruit, cucumber and pineapple! I add a heaped tablespoon of organic supergrass powder and a teaspoon of organic chlorella to the mix for extra detox and nutrition support. A few drops of stevia make my green concoction taste divine (to me anyway!).

If you would like to ask me anything specific about my juice journey go for it! I tend to take a few supplements while juicing. To support my gut and immune heath. Please consult with your medical doctor prior to starting a juice fast. This is a must if you have serious health concerns, and/or are on medication. All in all, I highly recommend watching the documentary Super Juice Me!!



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