Becoming qualified!

Old book open with little daises on top

High School

Nutritionist or Interior Designer? During mid-high school I couldn't quite decide which suited me more. Towards the end of high school I narrowed it down. I wanted to become a Dietitian. Which meant applying for a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University, South Australia. Unfortunately, (which later turns into fortunately) my ATAR (at the time TER) score wasn't quite high enough to qualify for the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics so I moved onto plan B.


Partway through my Bachelor of Health Sciences instead of transferring to the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics I CHANGED MY MIND. The latter degree, though sounding like me, taught many principles that I no longer agreed with. My views on health are mostly alternative, natural, plant and whole-food based. As opposed to medical, mathematical and conventional! So I stuck it out with the Bachelor of Health Sciences and completed my degree in 2005.

Post University

After uni I travelled to Byron Bay in Northern NSW to join a Discipleship Training School (DTS). Every DTS is different. The schools are run all over the world having a slightly different focus. While the main objectives remain the same; know God and make him known. Byron Bay ran a Backpackers DTS. I was taken on an amazing spiritual journey. The 6 month school felt like 18 months. Life was beautifully slow. Byron Bay has always left me with a good impression, kind of feeling like a second home.

Fast-forward a few years and I get a job at a health food store along Norwood Parade, Adelaide. I loved the work. Customers felt like friends, often stopping to chat about health wherever I was in the store! Sadly, some of the customers were facing huge health challenges. It spurred me to research and discover natural treatments. One day it suddenly dawned on me... why not study naturopathy and become qualified. I'm spending an awful lot of time studying anyway! That way I can do so much more for peoples' health!

Studying again..

In 2010 I enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy with the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS). Studying externally was hard. It didn't take long before I relocated to Brisbane, Queensland and completed my studies on campus. Right from the get go... sitting in that very first classroom I knew I was in the right place. Learning and studying my passion was a special time... something I will treasure forever! By May 2012 I was not only qualified as a naturopath but registered with the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA). A nationally well recognised association :)